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Sermon Series

Sermon Series: Regrets, Realities, Restoration

Originally aired February 22 - March 22, 2015

The simple truth is life is full of regrets. Imprinted on our psyches, some resist all attempts at erasure. What do we do when the condemning memory of past offenses won't be silenced? Is there a way out beyond our backstory? Join us on The Lutheran Hour the weekend of Feb. 22 as Rev. Gregory Seltz, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour, begins a five-part sermon series exploring the nature of regret and the forgiveness God holds out to each of us-regardless of what we've done.

The Regrets sermon series follows on the heels of the recent releases of a Men's NetWork Bible study and Project Connect booklet covering the same topic. The sermons will be available as a three-disc set once the series of broadcasts wraps up on March 22. Stay tuned for more details on purchasing the CDs.

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Sermon Series: Footsteps of Paul

Originally aired September 14 - October 12, 2014

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to trace the footsteps of the Apostle Paul? Here's your opportunity to do just that. Experience the sights and sounds of early Christianity during The Lutheran Hour's special five-week sermon series. Each week's broadcast will be complemented online with:

  • an introduction video of Rev. Gregory Seltz, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour, shot on location at various sites throughout Europe;
  • a video of travelogue lecture studies given by Rev. Seltz during the "Footsteps of Paul" tour that he hosted for Lutheran Hour Ministries in November 2013;
  • and a PDF of a Bible study discussion guide written by Rev. Wayne Palmer, Theological Editor for Lutheran Hour Ministries.

The travelogue and introduction videos will provide a context of what Paul was experiencing during his mission trips to the various cities so that the meaning of each sermon will be enriched for the listener. A Bible study PDF is also available for groups wanting to discuss the significance of Paul's travels and wrap everything together.

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