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November 2019

November 3
"Stranger Danger"
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
Genesis Series - The different ways we relate to strangers reveal the contradiction of being human.
(Genesis 18)

November 10
"For Such a Downer"
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
Genesis Series - The cross of Jesus is not a downer, but it is an equalizer. If you think you're up on top and you're pushing others aside, the cross of Jesus will bring you down. And if you're down and desperate for some company, you have a friend in the crucified Jesus.
(Genesis 21)

November 17
"The Dawn Wall"
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
Genesis Series - Sacrifice is acting on the hope of a better future by offering up something valuable in the present.
(Genesis 22)

November 24
"Loved and Sent: God Is Love"
Guest Speaker: Pastor Jeff Cloeter
Love can be a frustrating and confusing word. We use it to describe so many different things, many of which aren't really love, at all. Jeff had grown tired of hearing the word-until he learned that real love is "not that we had loved God, but that God loved us and sent His Son."
(1 John 4:7-12)

December 2019

December 1
"Enough with the Self-Talk"
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
We are not always who we say we are. What you say to yourself about yourself may or may not be what's true. Dr. Michael Zeigler says, "Enough with the self-talk!" Who does God say you are? You'll find that you are worse than you thought, and yet, more loved than you could ever imagine.
(Luke 18:9-14)

December 8
"God's Yes"
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
Loved and Sent Series - "If we say that God's purpose is simply to take our souls to heaven when we die, we might miss God's bigger 'yes' ... God's 'yes' to putting bodies and souls back together again in the resurrection; God's 'yes' to creation as He intended it to be."
(Romans 8:18-39)

December 15
"Love Is Enough"
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
Loved and Sent Series - God shows us a different kind of love. It's love for the world that is not of this world, love that is focused outward, love that gives without requiring anything in return.
(Matthew 22:35-40)

December 22
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
(Matthew 1:18-25)

December 29
Guest Speaker: Pastor John Nunes
(Jeremiah 23:24)

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