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July 2019

July 7
"A Time to Talk"
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
Talking to God -Lord's Prayer. Learn how prayer becomes a conversation with the God Who is genuinely and eternally interested in us.
(Matthew 6:5-15)

July 14
"Turning Point"
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
Belonging to God--Baptism. "Baptism is a portal that puts the baptized person on the cross with Jesus. You get transported through time and space into the world's most important turning point. But how can plain water do that?"
(Romans 6:1-11)

July 21
"Relationship. Relationship. Relationship"
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler
Communing with God--Lord's Supper. To a home buyer, it's "location, location, location." To God, it's "relationship, relationship, relationship."
(1 Corinthians 11:17-34)

July 28
"You Have No Right to Be Angry"
Guest Speaker: Rev. David Haberstock
Anger belongs to God, it is not yours. When we feel angry we should be prompted to pray.
(Matthew 5:17-26)

August 2019

August 4
"Live Life, Traveling Well"
Lutheran Hour Speaker: Rev. Dr. Gregory Seltz
August Archives - God's Word guides us along life's journey, where Christ is the Way and heaven our destination. We revisit a classic message from former Speaker, Dr. Gregory Seltz.
(1 Peter 1:17-25)

August 11
"How to Pray"
Guest Speaker: Dr. Oswald Hoffmann
August Archives - Prayer flows from faith in Christ and the Holy Spirit helps us when we don't know how to pray. A classic message from former Speaker, Dr. Oswald Hoffmann.

August 18
Guest Speaker: Dr. Wallace Schulz
August Archives

August 25
Guest Speaker: Rev. Dr. Dale A. Meyer
August Archives

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