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Supporting Our Troops with a Message of Hope

The military prayer guides produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries are now available for purchase. The first, entitled Those Who Serve, is written for active military personnel. The second, entitled Those Who Support, is directed to families and prayer partners who are supporting those in the military. The powerful prayer guides are written by the Rev. Ken Klaus, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour, and strike a chord with military personnel and their families alike. Some of the many possible witness opportunities are:

  • Give to those you know who currently serve (and their families).
  • Give to members of your community who display yellow ribbons on their car or home.
  • Adopt a soldier you know and provide prayer guides for his/her unit.

The prayer guides cost $6.00 each (plus shipping and handling) or can be purchased as a set for $10.00. Bulk pricing is available by calling 1-800-876-9880 or sending an e-mail to

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