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Action in Ministry

Each week Action in Ministry highlights free resources available to you from Lutheran Hour Ministries. These resources are intended to bless, empower and strengthen in your life in Christ for others.

This week in Action in Ministry

August 13, 2017: Update from Rev. Dr. Dale Meyer, former Lutheran H

Guest: Dale Meyer
Dr. Dale Meyer joins us on “Action in Ministry” for Archive August. It has been 16 years since Dr. Meyer filled the office of Speaker of the Lutheran Hour, but he’s been filling a new office for the past 12 years and shares how God has used him and changed him in this recent season.


As president of Concordia Seminary Dr. Meyer, President and the entire staff prepare young men and women for ministry as Pastors and Deaconesses respectively. These graduates will play an important role in church life… but the church is made up of laity. Lutheran Hour Ministries has prepared online training to help laity become better prepared to share their faith in an increasing secular and skeptical world. To learn more about this free resource, visit

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