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Sharing the Savior’s Story

As He spoke, Jesus punctuated His messages with parables. Today, as “The Lutheran Hour” brings Christ to the nations–and the nations to the church, stories remain integral to how we communicate the Savior’s story of salvation. For personal use, we’ve placed 52 of these compelling illustrations – previously heard on “The Lutheran Hour”– into a devotional book, Changeless Christ, Changing World.

We also have free additional illustrations* for you to use as you help your parish or school renew and reflect on God’s love:

  • Draw on for sermon illustrations
  • Emphasize lessons in Bible class
  • Deepen chapel talks or devotionals

Check out our story index below today. Just one caveat: the background of these stories may be unknown.

* Publishers grant the purchaser the right to reproduce these selections for personal and ministry use, but not to be sold or reprinted without permission.

Index for 2004:

Absolute Security
Afraid of the Dark
Be Not Afraid
Being Angry
Being Number One
"Ben Hur"
Building on the Rock
Child of God
Confident in Prayer
Delighting in Jesus
Describing Dad
Do Over
The Door to Heaven
The Doubter
Enslaved by a Master
The Fool
A Foolish Risk
Free, but not Free
The "Friendliness Business"
From Tragedy into Triumph
Giving up Religion
A God Who can Shake the World
Guilty of Something
Holding onto the Savior
Hope Amidst Worry
In Perspective
Just Trust
The Light of the World (I)
The Light of the World (II)
Listening to a Loving Father
Looking for One Thing, but Finding Another


Martha Hands
The More We Learn about God
A Mother's Love
A Mother's Protection
A Mother's Work
No Ticket, No Travel
Not the Wisest of Choices
Not What It Seems
One Way or Many Ways?
Outrageous Lawsuits
Realizing the Value
Safety Last
Seeing Inside the Soul
Serendipity (I)
Serendipity (II)
Staying in Darkness
Taking the Sting
Thankless Job
Things Can Only Get Worse
Thinking It Over
Valentines for Friends
Walking in Darkness
What Have You Done?
When Jesus Returns (I)
When Jesus Returns (II)
When Jesus Returns (III)
When Jesus Returns (IV)
Wiser than He Seems (I)
Wiser than He Seems (II)
A Word About Sin

Index for 2003:

Answer Within Reach
Big Picture
Braving a Show of Belief
Carrying Pain
Christmas Bedlam
Christmas Gift
Embarrassing Moment I
Embarrassing Moment II
Embarrassing Moment III
Father's Job
Flame of Faith
From Trash to Treasure I
From Trash to Treasure II
From Trash to Treasure III
From Treasure to Ashes
Gift of Great Value
Good News of Great Joy
Heed the Warnings I
Heed the Warnings II
Holding on to Hope
Holes in the Darkness
Honest Look
How Much is Enough? I
How Much is Enough? II
How Much is Enough? III
Judgment Day I
Judgment Day II
Kindness Lived

Lay Your Burdens Down
Lighthouse and Fog
Mahatma Gandhi on Christianity
Never More Urgent
New Perspective I
New Perspective II
New Perspective III
News Too Good to Contain
No Accident
One Church Service--Two Impressions
Our Best for His Best
Peace in the Midst of Terror
Power of Gospel and Grace
Sacrifice I
Sacrifice II
Seeing Things Differently
Shying Away from the Cross
Standing Up for Jesus
Thanks and Anticipation
Thanks for a Christian Mother
Tragic Irony
Twisted Logic
What are You Worth? I
What are You Worth? II
What Needs to Change I
What Needs to Change II
What's More Important?